Talk to a Bankruptcy Trustee

When is it time to talk to us?

  • Financial stress is causing you to lose sleep and affecting your overall health or relationships
  • Borrowing money to pay other bills, mortgage or rent
  • Missing minimum payments
  • Creditors & collection agents calling

Quite often people will wait to talk to a bankruptcy trustee, it is natural as bankruptcy is a serious solution for a very serious situation.  The problems arise when people wait too long, missing out on opportunities to protect assets and avoid costly refinancing.  Speaking to a trustee before you cash RRSP’s, or consolidate debt will allow you to completely understand your options.   Trustees provide insight, they are discrete and professional.

You will not be Alone

Managing debt is not easy, it is a tough subject and there is no silent solution. Speaking to a trustee, is the first step to finding your best solution.  Every person will be provided a free debt assessment.  Breaking down your debt, how much is owed, what type of debt and how much you can afford to pay.

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