Consumer Proposal Eligibility

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Surrey BC

Qualifying for a consumer proposal is not complicated, there is a specific criteria, this criteria is determined by the Government of Canada and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act .  If you meet the criteria then debt reduction through a consumer proposal could be your best solution.

6 Steps in Consumer Proposal Eligibility

If you are:

  1. At least 18 years of age, a person (not a business)
  2. Unable to repay your current unsecured debt in a reasonable length of time and as they become due
  3. Be insolvent, your assets do not exceed your debts
  4. Have less than $250,000.00 of debt ( not including your mortgage on your principle residence)
  5. Are not already in bankruptcy or in an active consumer proposal with creditors
  6. Employed or have a stable source of income

If you have most or all of these requirements, then a consumer proposal could be your best solution.

ONLY a CIRP, CAIRP, LICENSED BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEE or CONSUMER PROPOSAL ADMINISTRATOR are legally allowed to file and process a consumer proposal.  Do not get fooled by claims that credit counsellors or debt companies can file a proposal.

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Every situation is different and some assets can be excluded from the process of qualification.  This could increase your consumer proposal eligibility.

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