Debt Collection

Debt Collection, Know your Rights

Consumer protection in BC has laws in place to protect consumers from harassing debt collectors or collection departments.

Paying your bills is important and you are legally bound to make payments based on your contracts and accounts.

However, there are times when your financial circumstances change, making regular payments become impossible and your accounts fall behind.  Sometimes they fall behind so much that the account become deliquent and is considered a R5 or higher to the lender.

When that happens, your account could be transferred to a debt collector or debt recovery company. Usually this company is a 3rd party  that is contracted to recover the money,  they are paid on how much they recover and will use whatever means possible to recover the funds.

It is for this reason that the government of BC and consumer protection BC have licensing and laws in place to protect the consumer and structure how debt collectors operate in Surrey BC.

What you need to know:

A collection agency or debt collector must be registered and licensed with Consumer Protection BC

A collector or agency must first send a letter regarding the account before calling

A collector can not call : On statutory holidays, on Sundays except between 1pm to 5 pm, any day before 7am or after 9pm

A collector can only call your place of employment to verify your employment status, verify your home address and speak to your regarding the account, one time only, only if they have been unable to reach you at home.

A collector can not threaten, swear, harass or publish your debt in any local newspaper

If you are experiencing what you believe to be unlawful debt collection tactics you can report and file a complaint directly with the BC Protection Agency, Consumer Protection BC.